How To Breed Entbrat


How To Breed Entbrat

How To Breed Entbrat: A Comprehensive Guide

Breeding Entbrats can be a rewarding experience for Monster Handlers in the magical world of My Singing Monsters. Entbrats are known for their captivating melodies and harmonious vocals. If you're new to the game or looking to expand your monster collection, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully breed these musical creatures. From creating the perfect environment to understanding the breeding combinations, we've got you covered!

Understanding Entbrats

Entbrats are endearing monsters that are characterized by their tree-like appearance, musical notes for leaves, and friendly demeanour. They can be found on the Continent of Plant Island, and their unique melodies complement other monsters' songs, making them a delightful addition to your Monster Orchestra.

Creating the Right Environment

Before diving into the breeding process, it's crucial to create an ideal habitat for your Entbrats. Ensure that you have a spacious and well-decorated Plant Island. Add trees, rocks, and other natural elements to provide a harmonious environment for your monsters to thrive.

Breeding Entbrats

Breeding Entbrats requires strategic combinations of monsters to increase your chances of success. Here are some effective breeding combinations to try:

1. Potbelly + Noggin

Combining the earthy Potbelly with the cheerful Noggin gives you a shot at getting an Entbrat. This combination has proven to be successful for many Monster Handlers.

2. Tweedle + Toe Jammer

The melodic Tweedle paired with the rhythmic Toe Jammer can also result in the birth of an Entbrat. Keep experimenting with this combination to increase your odds.

3. Mammott + Quibble

Bringing together the lovable Mammott and the enigmatic Quibble might just produce the musical marvel, Entbrat. Be patient and persistent in your breeding attempts.

4. T-Rox + Maw

The combination of the T-Rox and the powerful Maw is another pathway to breeding an Entbrat. Keep your island lively with their beats, and you may be rewarded with an Entbrat's enchanting melody.

Breeding Entbrat Step-by-Step

Breeding Entbrats involves several critical steps that should be followed meticulously. We'll take you through each stage of the process to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience.

1. Choose the right breeding combination: Entbrat is a quad-element monster, so you need to breed two monsters that have the Plant, Earth, Water, and Cold elements. The best combination is Bowgart and Noggin, but you can also try T-Rox and Potbelly, Clamble and Toe Jammer, Pummel and Mammott, Shrubb and Maw, Oaktopus and Drumpler, or Furcorn and Fwog.

2. Place the monsters in the breeding structure: The breeding structure is a special building that you can place on your island. To breed Entbrat, you need to place two monsters of the correct elements in the breeding structure.

3. Wait for the breeding timer to run out: The breeding timer will tell you how long it will take for the monsters to breed. The average breeding time for Entbrat is 24 hours, but it can be anywhere from 18 to 28 hours.

4. Creating a Breeding Structure

Construct a special breeding structure within the habitat. This area should have comfortable spaces for the Entbrats to spend time together. Include musical instruments to encourage their love for music.

5. Check the breeding structure after the timer runs out: Once the breeding timer runs out, check the breeding structure to see if you have successfully bred an Entbrat. If you have, you can move the Entbrat to your island.

6. Feeding and Caring for the Entbrats

During the breeding process, provide the Entbrats with a balanced diet. Nutritious food will ensure their health and enhance the chances of successful breeding. Show care and affection to the Entbrats, making them feel comfortable.

7. Monitoring the Breeding Process

Be patient and monitor the Entbrats closely during the breeding period. Keep a watchful eye for any signs of successful breeding, such as increased harmonious melodies.

Here are some tips for breeding Entbrat:

1. Use level 10 monsters for the best chance of success.

2. Level up the breeding structure to reduce the breeding time.

3. Use the breeding boost to increase your chances of success.

4. Be patient! It may take a few tries to breed an Entbrat.

Creating the Perfect Habitat

Providing a suitable habitat is essential for successful Entbrat breeding. We'll discuss the key elements to include in their living space, such as the right temperature, lighting, and decorations that promote a harmonious environment for breeding.

 Caring for Entbrat Eggs

Once the Entbrats have successfully mated, they will lay eggs that need special care and attention. We'll guide you on how to handle delicate eggs and provide them with the ideal conditions for hatching.

Entbrat Care And Maintenance

Even after successful breeding, proper care and maintenance are essential for the well-being of the Entbrats. Learn about their dietary needs, grooming requirements, and overall health care.

Entbrat Breeding Best Practices

To maximize your chances of success, consider these best practices:

1. Regularly interact with your Entbrats to strengthen their bond.

2. Play soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere for breeding.

3. Avoid overcrowding the habitat, as it can lead to stress and conflicts.

Nurturing Your Entbrat

Once you successfully breed an Entbrat, it's essential to provide proper care and attention. Make sure your Entbrat is well-fed, rested, and entertained with the company of other friendly monsters.

Entbrat's Musical Abilities

Entbrats are known for their exceptional musical abilities, which evolve as they level up. From humming soothing tunes to performing symphonies, their talent grows with them. Listen to the melodies they create and witness their musical evolution.

Entbrat's Diet

Entbrats have specific dietary preferences to maintain their joyous demeanour and musical abilities.

1. Baker's Wheat

Baker's Wheat is a staple food for Entbrats, providing them with the energy they need for their melodic performances.

2. Potbelly

Entbrats enjoy the company of Potbelly, and having one on your island can boost their happiness and overall musical prowess.

Creating a Harmonious Environment

To ensure that your Entbrats are content and singing in harmony, focus on creating a harmonious environment for them.

1. Decorations

Decorate your island with musical structures and objects that resonate with the Entbrats' love for music. Consider adding Drumplers or Quibbles to create a lively atmosphere.

2. Song Selection

Each Entbrat has a unique set of likes and dislikes when it comes to songs. Observe their reactions to different melodies and find the ones that bring out their best performances.


My Singing Monsters' Breeding Entbrats is a wonderful adventure. You'll have a harmonic Entbrat in no time if you have the correct environment, breeding combinations, and care. Take pleasure in your musical adventure with your newfound partner!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does it take to breed an Entbrat?

Breeding times may vary, but it usually takes around 8 to 12 hours to breed an Entbrat.

2. Can I breed an Entbrat on an island?

No, Entbrats can only be bred on Plant Island.

3. Can I speed up the breeding process?

Yes, you can speed up the process by using Diamonds.

4. Do Entbrats get along with other monsters?

Yes, Entbrats are social creatures and generally get along well with other monsters.

5. What level should my Entbrat be to unlock all musical abilities?

Entbrats unlock new musical abilities as they level up. To access all abilities, your Entbrat should be at a high level.

6. What is the best age to start breeding Entbrats?

Entbrats reach breeding maturity around the age of six months.

7. Can I breed Entbrats in pairs?

Yes, pairing two compatible Entbrats is a common breeding method.

8. How many eggs does a female Entbrat lay?

A female Entbrat typically lays between 1 to 3 eggs in a breeding cycle.

9. Is it challenging to care for the hatchlings?

Rearing Entbrat hatchlings require careful attention, but it can be a rewarding experience with proper care and commitment.

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